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Program Information - KinderSchool

KinderSchool - Kindergarten Readiness

For children who are age 5 by Sept. 30th and could go on to Kindergarten

We are excited to offer a program that will allow older preschoolers the opportunity to follow a thematic developmentally appropriate curriculum. Each child's day will be immersed with the basic concepts of Biblical lessons, letters & sounds, beginning sight words, fine motor skills with an emphasis in writing (letters, words & simple sentences), numbers (simple addition & subtraction), patterns, time, and money. Perhaps most importantly, teachers will have the flexibility to create more one-on-one experiences and various experiments that will create a hands-on focus. Raising an eager learner is the goal, and it can be achieved easily through play and day-to-day activities. Simply stated, we want to create a love of learning for your child!   We will also put an emphasis on the following readiness skills that set the stage for your child's learning:

  • Enthusiasm Toward Learning
  • Solid Oral Language Skills
  • Ability to Listen
  • Desire to be Independent &
  • Ability to play well with others

We feel confident that by developing these critical-thinking skills and stimulating intellectual curiosity, your child will successfully and confidently enter Kindergarten in the fall.  Evaluations will be done in both the fall and spring along with parent teacher conferences.