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Program Information - Preschool

Preschool - Guiding Curious Learners through Hands-On Activities

28 months – PreK

We offer energetic and educational programs designed to prepare children with the skills and attitudes necessary for kindergarten success. Our goals are to nourish each child’s creativity, build self-esteem, promote positive social interaction, and to impart a love for reading and learning. We use a thematic monthly curriculum which includes a focus on letters, sounds, numbers, science, social development, and Biblical lessons. Each class will evaluate where each child is and structure their lesson plans to meet those needs. Our focus is to provide a fun, hands-on, challenging atmosphere that will allow each child to progress at their own speed. Teachers and children are active partners in shaping the educational experience. Daily activities include circle time, art, science, math, (pre)writing (journals), reading, blocks, dramatic play, center time, & utilizing indoor and outdoor spaces. Evaluations are done in both fall and spring with parent-teacher conferences in the spring for 4 year old classes and both semesters for the 5 year old classes. Director/teachers will always be available for meetings that might need to take place at other times.