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Program Information - Toddlers

Young Toddler Program - Learning Through Exploration

18 months - 30 months

We recognize the importance for toddlers to have free exploration balanced with more structured learning opportunities within the security of small classes and positive teachers. Our program focuses on active exploration and hands-on learning activities to help your child gain independence while also promoting confidence in his or her learning abilities. During this time, it will be our intent to create an inviting and loving atmosphere to help with separation anxiety that is so prevalent for this age. Daily learning activities will include story time, art, puzzles, manipulative toys, blocks, dramatic play, and ample outdoor play. We encourage curiosity, creativity, and assist each child with peer interactions. Beginning self-help skills, working on gross & fine motor skills, as well as receptive and expressive language will be a part of each school day to stimulate and challenge every child. Written daily reports are provided and parents are encouraged to have an active role in their child's class. Phone calls and visits are always allowed.